Cepheus Journal

Cepheus Journal Issue #002

Cepheus JournalDownload the second issue of Cepheus Journal. There are two articles on CE creatures, how to salvage and repair starships, another Sword of Cepheus NPC, what those technological levels really mean, and an adventure on the earthlike world of Kaldraa. We want to thank all of you who have sent in submissions, and if your submission isn’t in this issue, it will be in a later issue.

Cepheus Journal Issue #002 can be downloaded from the downloads page.


Wallwichen World Write-Up

WallwichenPaul Drye from Baggage Books who also is one of the editors of Cepheus Journal has allowed us to post his Wallwichen World Write-Up from his Three Clusters Setting.

The Three Clusters Campaign is a “classic-style” Hard Space Opera game setting, using the PWYW Cepheus Engine rules. for which Wallwichen is the first world book. Players take on the character of merchants, mercenaries, explorers, or many others in a universe where every world is hand-crafted by a veteran game setting designer.

The Three Clusters setting is also OPEN for use in other works, including commercial products. See details on the Wallwichen book’s copyright page.

Get it here!

Fantana Spur

Fantana Spur is Sector generated using the Cepheus Engine rules. It can now be downloaded from the downloads page.

The download includes a huge PNG-image (4227 x 5305 pixels), and two text-files with the UWPs and the XML-data.

In the center of map of the sector we find the good guys, The Fantana Federation. Below is the evil Neo Empire. Finson Planets and a number of independent planets are caught  in the middle. There is a planetary Nebula called the Wolf’s Eye. In the middle of the Eye is an asteroid belt called Aphoeba, where a small number of Belters get very rich. The Planet Genosov (in subsector D) is where the remnants of Admiral Genosov’s fleet made a new home. This is a Sector that can be full of adventures…

You can also find the Fantana Spur at the Traveller Map.

Naer Stars

A list of nearest stars

Robert Graves has compiled a list of the nearest stars and allowed us to make it available for download here. It contains 395 star system with coordinates and distance in light-years.

The list can be very useful for anyone making their own Cepheus Engine setting. It may also be useful for science fiction authors wanting to use real stars in their works.

Get it here!

For more information or to contact Robert Graves, read this Twitter thread.