Naer Stars

A list of nearest stars

Robert Graves has compiled a list of the nearest stars and allowed us to make it available for download here. It contains 395 star system with coordinates and distance in light-years.

The list can be very useful for anyone making their own Cepheus Engine setting. It may also be useful for science fiction authors wanting to use real stars in their works.

Get it here!

For more information or to contact Robert Graves, read this Twitter thread.

Cepheus Journal Issue #001

Download the first issue of Cepheus Journal. There is an article about CE skills, part one of a scifi adventure on salvage and recovery, a Sword of Cepheus NPC, a description of a free trader with deckplans, a small pseudolizard species to encounter, a piece on modern war, tech level comparisons and more. We want to thank all of you who have sent in submissions, and if your submission isn’t in this issue, it will be in a later issue.

Cepheus Journal Issue #001 can be downloaded from the downloads page.

Rosalis Cluster

Rosalis Cluster

Rosalis Cluster is Sector generated using the Cepheus Engine rules. It can now be downloaded from the downloads page.

The download includes a huge PNG-image (4227 x 5305 pixels), and two text-files with the UWPs and the XML-data.

In the map of the sector we can see two multi subsector empires. The Raniera Worlds and the Sapier Kingdom. There are also two minor pocket empires, and lots of free worlds, and lots of red-zoned worlds. This is a Sector that can be full of adventures…

Rosalis Cluster

Update: You can now find Rosalis Cluster at the Traveller Map.