Cepheus Journal – Issue #007

Cepheus Journal – Issue #007
Cepheus Journal – Issue #007

007Welcome to issue #007 of the Cepheus Journal. Since this is issue 007 we decided to make this a spy themed issue.

To that end this issue of Cepheus Journal is taking a hard look at superspies and espionage. Norton Glover provides a short  set of rules for dealing with intelligence networks, a realistic upgrade for starting your adventures when compared with “So you are in a bar when…”, while Ewan Spence outlines how to make characters in the modern CIA’s Special Activities Center Special Operations Group. Those of you who game in the relatively near future can look to a passel of gadgets and upgrades that would make Q slightly queasy as Mr. Glover makes his second appearance with Zaibatsu Retrogenics. Peter Simon writes about the motivations for betraying secrets. There is also short spy adventure for a medieval setting by our own P-O Bergstedt.

There are also a number of SF articles in this issue. Joseph Jaquinta brings us a brace of articles on Lagrange points and the humble spaceship door. Timothy Collinson supplies us with some alien cephalopods to come through those doors and Neil Lucock a shuttle to put them on. We also have the first part of  Jo Jaquinta’s story “Raider’s Lament”.

Article Author Page
From the Editors Paul Drye 2
Beyond the Iris Valve Joseph Jaquinta 3
Eroctopi Timothy Collinson 7
Lagrange Rendezvous Joseph Jaquinta 12
The Raiders Lament Joseph Jaquinta 15
The Chort Neil Lucock 21
Why do people betray secrets Peter Simon 23
Zaibatsu Retrogenics Norton Glover 27
Intelligence Networks Norton Glover 29
CIA Special Activities Center Ewan Spence 31
From Visby with Love P-O Bergstedt 33
Who Goes There? Brett Kruger 34
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Version: 1.01
Published: August 3, 2021