About Cepheus Journal

The Cepheus Journal is an free and ad-free Fanzine for the Cepheus Engine RPG.

We will cover all sorts of settings that uses the Cepheus Engine rules. That could be Science Fiction, Fantasy, Modern, Historical and more.

There is a facebook group where you can talk to other readers, contributers and the editorial team.

We are always looking for submissions.

Editorial Team

Brett Kruger Brett Kruger was first introduced to Traveller in 1987 during his high school years and, despite playing many other role playing games, the science fiction in Traveller held a special fascination. After a long break due to career moves and board games, Brett was drawn back to Traveller with the release of the short-lived TV series Firefly. Brett is known for his Reavers’ Deep website and for his Into the Deep Fanzine.

Ian Stead is an artist who has made lots of art for Cepheus Engine publishers and for his own Moon Toad Publishing (that produced a very good looking set of the rules.)

Paul Drye is known for his Baggage Books Cepheus Engine products and also for the Coreward Fanzine.

Michael James Cross is known for the Terra/Sol Games setting and products.

P-O Bergstedt is known for the Zhodani Base and Amber Zone websites.