Cepheus Journal 014

Cepheus Journal Issue #014

Cepheus Journal 014Welcome to our 14th issue.  We have lots of interesting articles.

Jo Jaquinta has given us quite a few articles this issue. First up is an article looking at cats in the far future and how to use them in your game, an interesting look at foamcrete, a possible character class called The Dark Guard, and his latest instalment of The Raider’s Lament.

Timothy Collinson has given us some notes on his article from last issue “The Sapphire Sea” and how he used generative AI to create the article. Given he is a librarian by profession there is some intriguing insights he puts across. Next up is A Fistful of Spaghetti, by Norton Glover, an interesting and fun romp of using the old spaghetti westerns as a basis for your games.

Finally, from our own Brett, is a couple of articles, one on some mushroom like trees and the nasty surprise they hold, and Firaious Prime, a world where these trees can be found growing.

Please enjoy issue fourteen and keep those dice rolling!

Cepheus Journal Issue #014 can be downloaded from the downloads page.

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