Lemon and Gold

Lemon and Gold

Lemon and Gold is a Sector generated using the Cepheus Engine rules. It can now be downloaded from its own downloads page.

The Lemon and Gold, Rosalis Cluster, Fantana Spur, and Trans Dolovia sectors are also known as the Palexanda Domain.

The download includes a huge PNG-image (4231 x 5305 pixels), and two text-files with the UWPs and the XML-data.

In this sector there are a number of small pocket empires. There is also the Gebbebem Hive that is problematic for the pocket empires. On a number of worlds close to the Gebbebem Hive, the human population has been exterminated by Gebbebem raiders. The pocket empires recaptured these worlds and killed all the Gebbebem living there. There is now an unsteady peace. Lots of war ships are protecting the human worlds close to the Gebbebem border.

You can read more about the Gebbebem in Cepheus Journal issue #003.

Most of subsector P (Demosalia) belong to the quite large Neo Empire. The planet Sche in Demosalia Subsector is the homeplanet of the Sche, an aquatic race. The Sche weigh about 1600 kg. They have a tough exoskeleton but are still very good swimmers. They use tentacles for manipulating objects (and catching pray). You may find a few Sche on other worlds with water in this subsector.

In subsector D (Palexanda Nebula) there is a spectacular nebula with clouds of dust and gas, which is a stellar nursery full of embryonic stars.

Lemon and Gold Sector can also be found at The Traveller Map.

Lemon and Gold

Lemon and Gold Sector is Open Content.

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