Trans Dolovia Sector

Trans Dolovia

Trans Dolovia is a Sector generated using the Cepheus Engine rules. It can now be downloaded from the downloads page.

The download includes a huge PNG-image (4227 x 5305 pixels), and two text-files with the UWPs and the XML-data.

Most of the worlds of the Sector belong to the Neo Empire. The Neo Empire has recently fought a war against the Gebbebem Hive. The Gebbebem conquered a number of systems. The Neo Empire reconquered four systems (Zhanie, Vondra, Smine and Nadimitch) and exterminated all “bugs” that lived there. These four systems are now patrolled by large naval units from the Neo empire to prevent that the Gebbebem Hive spreads further.

In the Sector there are two very bright stars called Scyllisa and Margelinda.

Trans Dolovia Sector

You can also find Trans Dolovia Sector at TravellerMap.

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