Fantana Spur

Fantana Spur is Sector generated using the Cepheus Engine rules. It can now be downloaded from the downloads page.

The download includes a huge PNG-image (4227 x 5305 pixels), and two text-files with the UWPs and the XML-data.

In the center of map of the sector we find the good guys, The Fantana Federation. Below is the evil Neo Empire. Finson Planets and a number of independent planets are caught¬† in the middle. There is a planetary Nebula called the Wolf’s Eye. In the middle of the Eye is an asteroid belt called Aphoeba, where a small number of Belters get very rich. The Planet Genosov (in subsector D) is where the remnants of Admiral Genosov’s fleet made a new home. This is a Sector that can be full of adventures…

You can also find the Fantana Spur at the Traveller Map.