Cepheus Journal – Issue #005

Cepheus Journal – Issue #005

Cepheus Journal 005

Welcome to issue #005 of the Cepheus Journal, the first issue without spaceships on the cover. In this issue, many settings are represented: Fantasy, Modern and Science Fiction.

For fantasy we have an article about Fighting Undead by Bob Weaver and a map of a Hidden Temple by Ade Stewart.

For a modern setting we have an article about British Cold War Tanks by Ewan Spence.

For Science Fiction settings we have Two articles by Neil Lucock. One about clothing and one about world building hellish worlds. We have an article about Jump Theory by Joseph Jaquinta. We have an article about Alternative  Rules for Wealth by Ben Gray. Randy McDonald has written an interesting article about the close star Epsilon Indi.

From the editors we have an article about Hydrazine, one about an alien race, and one about an alternative method for planet sizes.

You may also want to download an addendum for Paul’s article Old School Rethink.

From the EditorsBrett Kruger2
High Tech ClothingNeil Lucock3
Making HellNeil Lucock6
Fighting UndeadBob Weaver14
Exotic ChemicalsBrett Kruger16
Abstract Wealth RulesBen Gray20
The Hidden Temple (map)Ade Stewart23
Epsilon IndiRandy McDonald24
The ScheP-O Bergstedt30
British Cold War TanksEwan Spence32
Old School RethinkPaul Drye34
Lemon and Gold Sector (map)P-O Bergstedt39
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Version: 1.0
Published: April 2, 2021