Cepheus Journal – Issue #006

Cepheus Journal – Issue #006
Cepheus Journal – Issue #006

Welcome to issue #006 of the Cepheus Journal. This is a fantasy only issue and we have saved other submitted content for later issues, a big thank you to the authors who have submitted.

This issue we have more great articles. This fantasy special issue kicks off with a review of Barbaric! by our own Brett Kruger, followed by more articles on the fantasy theme. There’s the Swashbuckler advanced combat rules from Peter Kreft, some expositions on dragons (Jo Jaquinta), kobolds (our own Paul Drye), and Quantum sorcery (Steve Attwood).

The ever proficient Timothy Collinson gives a Barbaric! NPC to use in games, while our own P-O Bergstedt gives us the Octorus to use in his Störtebeker, or any, fantasy setting. And finally, something we’ve not had before, some fiction from Robert L S Weaver The Dead Forest.

Article Author Page
From the Editors Brett Kruger 2
Barbaric! Review Brett Kruger 3
Swashbuckler Peter Kreft 4
The Dead Forest Bob Weaver 6
The Legend of Ignatious Joseph Jaquinta 19
The Kobold Paul Drye 23
Quantum Sorcery Alegis Downport 26
The Vengeance of Dimion Timothy Collinson 29
Octorus P-O Bergstedt 30
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Version: 1.0
Published: June 3, 2021