Cepheus Journal – Issue #015

Cepheus Journal – Issue #015
Cepheus Journal – Issue #015

Cepheus Journal 015

Where did the last six months go? Not sure, but here we are now. Welcome to issue fifteen.

So, let’s dig into this issue. Once again Jo Jaquinta has given us quite a few articles, which we are always thankful for. First up is an article looking at Generative AI and how to use it in your game, but not in a way you might think.

There is a article on a species called Aquarians and ways you could use them in your game, an article on radio archaeo­astronomy and how you can use it to spice up your game, and finally instalment nine of The Raider’s Lament.

Les Hendrix’s article covers adding cultural flavour to make your planetary visits much more interesting, and our own P-­O Bergstedt gives us a look at a character called Mandy that is an NPC in the Adventures of the Starship Notorious. This article is a prologue of that series.

Finally, from our own Brett, is a couple of articles, a bit of fiction created from a game I ran a few years back, and an article on exotic weather and how to give your players some extra challenges on the worlds they visit.


Article Author Page
From the Editors Brett Kruger 2
Using Generative AI In Your Game Jo Jaquinta 3
Into The Night Brett Kruger 6
Raiders Lament Part 9 Jo Jaquinta 14
Adding Cultural Flavor Les Hendrix 19
Aquarians Jo Jaquinta 24
Exotic Weather 26 Brett Kruger 26
Radio Archaeo­-Astronomy Jo Jaquinta 29
Mandy P-O Bergstedt 33
What’s New Brett Kruger 35
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Published: January 7, 2024