Cepheus Journal – Issue #013

Cepheus Journal – Issue #013
Cepheus Journal – Issue #013

Welcome to our 13:th issue. The theme for this issue was supposed to be bad luck. That is why there is a crashed spaceship on our cover. But we didn’t get any submissions on that topic. Some of the adventures posted may include some bad luck. But that is up to the referee to determine.

But we do have a bunch of other interesting stuff and also some AI experiments (including one silly comic). We hope that you will enjoy it.

We are also happy to note that any license problem seems to be resolved for now, and that there may be other licenses in the future. (Have a look at what Mongoose say!)

Article Author Page
From the Editors Paul Drye/Brett Kruger 2
Food Syntheszers Ricardo Emilio 3
K68 for Cepheus Andrew Boswell 4
A Snowball’s Chance in Hell Joseph Mohr 7
Torvald the Space Viking P-O Bergstedt + AI 10
Raiders Lament Part 7 Jo Jaquinta 14
A Tetrad of Monsters Paul Drye 18
Max and Elsa P-O Bergstedt + AI 22
The Sapphire Sea Timothy Collinson + AI 25
100 Ton Ships Ricardo Emilio 28
What’s New Brett Kruger 31
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Version: 1.0
Published: February 19, 2023

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