Cepheus Journal – Issue #001

Cepheus Journal – Issue #001
Cepheus Journal – Issue #001

In the first issue of Cepheus Journal we have some great articles. There is an article about CE skills, part one of a scifi adventure on salvage and recovery, a Sword of Cepheus NPC, a description of a free trader with deckplans, a small pseudolizard species to encounter, a piece on modern war, tech level comparisons and more. We want to thank all of you who have sent in submissions, and if your submission isn’t in this issue, it will be in a later issue.

Article Author Page
From the Editors Brett Kruger 2
Cepheus Rules and Variants Steve Attwood / Alegis Downport 3
The Rhabdomane Paul Drye 8
Looking at the Skill List Paul Elliott 10
Which Cepheus Careers Give Which Skills? Timothy Collinson 15
1980s British Infantry Section Ewan Spence 20
Abhainn Free Trader Michael Johnson / Ian Stead 22
Helzr’s Recovery/Salvage Graham Bayley 26
Sword of Cepheus Character Robert Foran 39
Störtebeker Teaser P-O Bergstedt 41
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Version: 1.0
Published: August 13, 2020

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