Lancaster Subsector

Lancaster Subsector
Lancaster Subsector

Lancaster Subsector made with the subsector editor at Cepheus Journal, and then edited using GIMP.

The coreward side of the subsector belongs to the Pennsylvaani Confederation and the rimward side belongs to the Free State of Maryland. There is an ongoing cold war between these two pocket empires and there are various trade embargoes in effect.

On the trailing side of the subsector is Philadelphia subsector with the very important planet Philadelphia. Most long-range trade to Philadelphia (in Lancaster subsector) goes through Baltimore and then in the Maryland part of the Subsector. This leaves a lot of opportunities for Free Traders in the backwater Pennsylvaani part of the subsector.

The total population of the subsector is close to 11 billion (Most of them live on Baltimore). The highest tech-level is 12 at Baltimore.

More information about the Lancaster Subsector at the Zhodani Base.

This map is Open Content.

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Published: October 10, 2021

Cepheus Journal – Issue #004

Cepheus Journal – Issue #004
Cepheus Journal – Issue #004

Welcome to issue #004 of the Cepheus Journal, the thickest issue yet at 56 pages. In this issue, many settings are represented: Historical, Modern and Science Fiction.

For historical settings we have an article about smuggling and piracy in the 18th century and some cog travelling in the middle ages (both from the editorial team.)

For a modern setting, there is a Chinese infantry squad by Ewan Spence.

For science fiction settings we have two articles about close stars. 40 Eridani by Randy McDonald and Altair Subsector by Neil Lucock. Neil also wrote an article about Ship Damage.  For the new (Dune inspired) Science Fiction Setting Godstar from Zozer Games, Neil Lucock has supplied a short adventure. Finally we also have part 2 of Helzr’s Recovery that started in issue #001.

Article Author Page
From the Editors Paul Drye 2
Ship Damage Neil Lucock 3
PLA Heavy Armoured Infantry Squad Ewan Spence 9
Altair Subsector Neil Lucock 12
Dr Syn, or, the Scarecrow of Romney Marsh Paul Drye 18
40 Eridani in 2021 Randy McDonald 25
Garinars Graham Bayley 30
Archbishops’ Gambit P-O Bergstedt 31
European Arm (map) P-O Bergstedt 37
Escape from Qasim’s Teeth Neil Lucock 38
Helzr’s Recovery Salvage & Repossession Services Part 2 Graham Bayley 42
Trans Dolovia Sector (map) P-O Bergstedt 51
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Published: February 12, 2021

Cepheus Journal – Issue #003

Cepheus Journal – Issue #003
Cepheus Journal – Issue #003

This is Cepheus Journal Issue #003 the third issue of Cepheus Journal. The theme for this issue is the Closest Stars. There is an article about Alpha Centauri and another one about Tau Ceti. There is also an article about Vega Subsector about a number of nearby worlds, based on the Near Stars map from Stellagama Publishing.

There are also some rules for Sword of Cepheus, rules for Factions, a Vietnamese Rifle Platoon for Modern War, a review of These Stars are Ours! and a Provincial Cruiser that you can find in the Vega Subsector.

Finally there are three very different alien races. The Quarlon is a parasitic virus that will take over its host sophont. The Gebbebem is an insectoid race in a symbiotic relationship with a worm-like creature that acts as it brain.

The last race is the Nissi. A race that was inspired by the Nisse from Scandinavian Folklore. When editing this issue, there wasn’t room for the image of the Nissi (and a few other images as well). This is what they look like (if you can see them).

We want to thank all of you who have sent in submissions, and if your submission isn’t in this issue, it will be in a later issue.



Article Author Page
From the Editors Paul Drye 2
Alpha Centauri Thomas Smith 3
The Quarlon Jim Hunsinger 9
Procyon Cluster Robert Graves 11
Additional Shield Rules for Sword of Cepheus Bob Weaver 12
Disarm Rules for SoC Bob Weaver 13
Pencil Laser Bob Weaver 13
Factions as Characters Paul Elliott 14
People’s Army of Vietnam Rifle Platoon Ewan Spence 18
Vega Subsector Neil Lucock 21
Provincial Cruiser Neil Lucock 27
The Gebbebem P-O Bergstedt 29
Tau Ceti Randy McDonald 32
These Stars Are Ours Review Jonathan Sherlock 38
The Nissi Neil Lucock 40
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Published: December 19, 2020