Cepheus Journal – Issue #012

Cepheus Journal – Issue #012
Cepheus Journal – Issue #012

Issue #012Welcome to our twelfth issue. The theme for this issue is medical. We hope that you will enjoy it.

Sickness, illness, disease, injury and medication are often a part of our every day lives, and your characters should have the likelihood of going through some of the things your players have had.

If you have any sort of combat in your games then your characters will have injuries, both minor and major, needing meds or even surgery. This issue is going to explore this theme and open up ideas you can try in your games.

Article Author Page
From the Editors Brett Kruger 2
Socially Unacceptable Jo Jaquinta 3
Disease Nicole Beach 7
Polhishe Jo Jaquinta 10
Medivac! Timothy Collinson 18
Raiders Lament Part 6 Jo Jaquinta 24
Hospitality Worker Career David McIntyre 32
Idiot NPCs Neil Lucock 38
Deliver Medicine P-O Bergstedt 41
Physician Career Brett Kruger 43
Medcorp Ambulance Ship P-O Bergstedt 45
What’s New Brett Kruger 46
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Published: October 14, 2022