Cepheus Journal – Issue #009

Cepheus Journal – Issue #009
Cepheus Journal – Issue #009

Cepheus Journal 009

Welcome to issue #009 of the Cepheus Journal.

From Ewan Spence we have an article about the 2nd Battalion Royal Australia Regiment for Modern War. Then from Jo Jaquinta we have the third part of his Raider’s Lament and an article aboutan out-of-the-ordinary monster.

Our editors have also contributed. Brett has interviewed Paul Elliot of Zozer Games and written a review of the Cepheus Deluxe rules. Paul has written an adventure and finally P-O has made a subsector map a written a short write-up of an alien race.

Article Author Page
From the Editors Paul Drye 2
2RAR for Modern War Ewan Spence 3
The Raiders Lament Part 3 Jo Jaquinta 5
Monster Capybara Jo Jaquinta 10
Interview with Paul Elliot Brett Kruger 14
Review: Cepheus Deluxe Brett Kruger 18
The Sins of Winter Last Paul Drye 19
Chambersburg Subsector P-O Bergstedt 26
The Krampus P-O Bergstedt 29
What’s New Brett Kruger 30
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Version: 1.0
Published: December 11, 2021